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The Status of Women in Business

Here is some value information on this topic:

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Men and Women on Same Playing Field? Credit Scores and Earnings

We know that women make up a large portion of the U.S. work force, that many women in the work force are college educated, and that many women excel in their jobs. As we noted in a post last week: “Although women executives are often paid less than their male counterparts and may have a tougher time moving up the career ladder, women executives have a lot to offer!!”

So, how do U.S. men and women fare in the credit reporting arena? And what is the true gender pay gap?

As recently reported by Jim Probasco for Investopedia:

“A recent study by Credit Sesame found that men tend to have higher credit scores than women: The average score for men was 630, while the average for women was 621. It’s not a major gap, even Credit Sesame admits. Even so, what do the results reveal about the differences between the genders when it comes to credit?” [For example,] “Credit Sesame found that the credit discrepancy gets wider with age. This discrepancy culminates at about age 65 when men tend to have a 15-point credit score advantage over women.”

“Men: More Debt But Better Records. Credit Sesame’s study showed that men carry more credit card debt than women – a fact that at first makes their better credit scores seem paradoxical. But not really, if you understand how scores are calculated. Credit scores are based, in part, on how close your expenditures have come to your credit card limit (that is, the amount you can charge on the card).”

“Fortunately, for women, the credit battle of the sexes is only one battle in a very long war. How Women Investors Make Money –- and Data Suggests Women Are Better (Behaved) Investors from a Betterment study of its clients -– point to women’s advantage in staying the course and ending up with higher returns.”

“For both sexes, the key factors to achieving and maintaining a good credit score remain prudent use of your cards (leave a healthy margin in between your balance and your credit limit) and paying all bills on time.”

Click the image to read more from Investopedia; and look at the infographic below the image on compensation by PayScale.

According to PayScale, the gender income gap may be less than reported: “Yes, men do earn more than women on average, but not that much more when they work the same job and they have similar experience and abilities.”

Do Men Really Earn More Than Women? 

Women Executives: Strong Performers

Although women executives are often paid less than their male counterparts and may have a tougher time moving up the career ladder, women executives have a lot to offer!!

Consider women executives in technology, as reported by David Wagner for InformationWeek:

“Increasing gender diversity in technology companies has been considered an ongoing challenge by many, and now a recent study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics and sponsored by EY (formerly Ernst and Young) shows that it isn’t just a social justice issue, but a matter of economics. The study found that companies with women in executive leadership roles can see substantially better profits, and offered some insight into a few practical ways that tech companies and CIOs can improve gender diversity to see increased performance.”

“The study looked at 21,980 publicly traded companies from 91 different countries in 2014 to determine the number of women in CEO roles, C-level positions, and on the board of directors. It found that across the study, nearly 60% of companies had no female board members, and nearly 50% had no female executives. Fewer than 5% had female CEOs. It also found that tech companies had one of the lowest rates of female executives by industry, with only energy and industrial companies having a lower rates.”

“The study found no statistical evidence of female CEOs performing better or worse than male CEOs, and it only found minor connections between female board members and better performance. However, the study found very robust connections between female executives and profitability. It found that for profitable firms, going from no female leaders to 30% was associated with a 15% rise in profitability.”

And take a look at this YouTube video featuring Carol CalaVice-President, Energy, Environment, Safety & Health at Lockheed Martin Corp.


New Organization’s First Meeting: Ellevate — Invest in Women

Ellevate is a global women’s professional networking group. The Zarb School is looking to be the first collegiate-level chapter on Long Island. Ellevate is

“dedicated to the economic engagement of women worldwide. The most expansive and diverse network of its kind, our community is made up of successful, motivated, and passionate professional women from various industries and walks of life with one common belief: that investing in themselves and in other women is good business.”

To gauge Zarb School interest, an open meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 25th at 6:00 PM in the Weller Hall Conference Room, 3rd floor.

Empower yourself! 🙂