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Mobile Transactions Come to Financial Investing

Today, millions of financial investors have gone digital in doing their personal investing research and in completing their transactions. And there is now a growing trend for these investors to “go mobile.”

As eMarketer reports:

Money management has gotten way more mobile, and April 2015 polling by Research Now for E*trade found that active digital investors relied frequently on mobile to manage and monitor their investments and the market.”

“The study looked at U.S. digital investors who managed at least $10,000 in an online brokerage account and found that 49% used an investing/trading app via smartphone at least two to three times per week, with 55.1% of respondents in that group doing so at least daily. An additional 18% checked out such apps about once a week. Investors younger than 35 were the most frequent users of investing and trading smartphone apps, with 60% accessing one daily (36%) or two to three times a week (24%).”

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How to Be a Better Business Blogger

With blogging becoming so much more important for businesses — both large and small, it is vital to make your blog as good and effective as possible. Consider the 50 tips in the infographic below.

The infographic was developed by Cent for Your Escape from 9 to 5:

“There are plenty of blogging tips all over the Web. Unfortunately, they are all spread across multiple Web sites. I wanted to create a list of awesome blogging tips from the experts all in one place. I chose 5 expert bloggers, picked 10 of their best tips, and came up with a list of 50 of the best blogging tips. These blogging tips will be useful for beginners and pros alike. I chose the experts with varying perspectives, so the tips are not focused on the same area or too generic. For example, one expert provides blogging tips for a business blog, another provides tips to improve Web site traffic, and another provides quick blog improvement tips.”