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A Global Tribute to France

Once again, we have seen some horrific events take place somewhere in the world. This time it was Paris. Next time, it could be ____. Nonetheless, after some sad reflection when a tragedy occurs, we usually return to our normal lives.

Here is a nice YouTube montage of tributes around the globe from the Wall Street Journal. It takes an inspiring perspective to such a negative event. The images are from Getty Images.



Universum’s 2015 Top Employer Rankings: Part 2 — Global Students

Universum is the global leader in employer branding. Annually, it conducts student surveys to determine their ideal employers. In Part 1 of our two posts on these surveys, U.S. undergraduate and MBA business student surveys were highlighted. In Part 2, global/foreign students will be highlighted.

The 2015 Universum World’s Most Attractive Employers– Business results are based on the responses of thousands of undergraduate and graduate students around the world.


First, take a look at the top 25 desirable employers as rated by business students around the world. Click the image to read more.

Universum 2015 -2


Now, click the links to access Universum’s listing of the most ideal employers as chosen by business students in many countries around the world. These rankings are not separated by undergraduate/graduate.

Summer 2015 Zarb Study Abroad Opportunities

Zarb has many study abroad options. The full list of programs and their details may be found at www.hofstra.edu/Academics/Colleges/Zarb/zarb_abroad.html.

For summer 2015, this post features two UNDERGRADUATE study abroad programs: one in Germany and the other in France.

Bremen, Germany

Two Hofstra professors will be teaching Legal 20 and Accounting 102 at the international summer program of Hochschule Bremen Institute of Applied Sciences, a partner school in Bremen, Germany. This program brings together over 100 students from countries around the world to Bremen, a small and historic city in northern Germany for instruction in English. Students arrive in Germany July 4th or 5th. Classes start July 6th and end July 29th, and students depart on July 30th

Last year, students came from such countries as Russia, India, and Mexico as well as the United States. Bremen is a lovely small city, founded by Charlemagne in 787. It is an hour from Hamburg, and is a great jumping off point for travel by train or budget airlines to other parts of Europe.

What courses are offered?

Professor Glen Vogel will be teaching “Introduction to Legal Systems, Environment, and Contracts,” which is equivalent to Legal 20. No prerequisites are required.

Professor Daniel Tinkelman will be teaching “Managerial Accounting,” which is equivalent to Accounting 102, except that in the Bremen program you will NOT need to have taken ACCT 101 as a prerequisite.

You may also take courses taught by instructors from other schools, such as Principles of Financial Management (counts as FIN 110), International Business (counts as IB 150), International Project Management (counts as a MGMNT elective), Operations and Supply Chain Management (counts as MGT 110) and Entrepreneurship and Business Planning (counts as ENTR 115).

Click the image for more details.


Marseilles, France

Enjoy a summer study experience at a Hofstra Partner School in Marseille, France and fulfill business requirements. Kedge Business School is offering a summer program beginning June 22nd and ending July 16th.  

You will be studying with students from around the world, and will have the chance to travel and socialize with them. You will also be immersed in another culture.  

The program offers a welcome reception including lunch and dinner; and at the conclusion of the program there will be an award ceremony with a farewell cocktail. Corporate and cultural visits are included. Sports may be partaken of such as cycling, sailing and scuba diving. 

Marseille is a port city and is the oldest and second largest city in France after Paris. The city boasts the largest European suburban park, over 36 miles of coast line along the Mediterranean Sea and 300 days of sunshine per year. Marseille is rich in culture and history and was named the European Cultural Capital for 2013. 

What courses are offered? 

Hofstra Professor Ehsan Nikbakht will be teaching “Introduction to Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions,” which is equivalent to Finance 101. 

You may also take courses offered by Kedge: “Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility,” which is equivalent to a Zarb Management elective; “International Mediterranean Business Management,” which is equivalent to IB 150: Introduction to International Business.

Click the image for more details.


Ideal Employer Rankings 2014: Part 2 — Global

Universum is the global leader in employer branding. Annually, it conducts student surveys to determine their ideal employers. In Part 1 of our two posts on these surveys, U.S. employers were highlighted. In Part 2, global/foreign employers are highlighted. 

The 2014 Universum Student Surveys by Country results are based on the responses of hundreds of thousands of college students around the world (although not necessarily specified by undergraduate/graduate status). Note: Some of the country surveys were conducted in 2012 and 2013.

Click the links to access Universum’s listing of the most ideal employers for many countries around the world: