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Zarb School Dean’s Faculty Awards for 2016

We are pleased to recognize the Zarb School Dean’s Award Winners for 2016. Four Zarb faculty members were honored — three for research and one for service. Here are  the honorees (as described by the ZSOB’s Patricia Ciavarello).


Dean’s Research Award (in alphabetical order)

The 2015-2016 Dean’s Research Award was presented to Dr. Debra Comer, Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship; Dr. Veronika Ilyuk-Morace, Assistant Professor of Marketing and International Business; and Dr. Andrew Spieler, Professor of Finance. 

Dr. Debra Comer’s article, titled “Highlighting Moral Courage in the Business Ethics Course” is published in the Journal of Business Ethics. Her article addresses a critical issue in business today and has significant contribution to literature, business life and educational programs.

Dr. Veronika Ilyuk Morace’s article titled “The Effects of Single-Serve Packaging on Consumption Closure and Judgments of Product Efficacy” is published in the Journal of Consumer Research and has major implications for marketers, consumers, and public policy.


Dr. Andrew Spieler’s article titled “Elective Stock Dividends and REITs: Evidence from the Financial Crisis” is published in Real Estate Economics It has major implications for investment policies and reducing risk under the conditions of financial volatility.

Dean’s Service Award

The 2015-2106 Dean’s Service Award was presented to Dr. Ralph Polimeni — Chaykin Endowed Chair in Accounting and Professor of Accounting, Taxation, and Legal Studies — for his completing 45 years of exemplary service to Hofstra University. His service in 2015-2016 alone was truly outstanding.


2016 Stessin Research Award for Zarb Professor: Veronika Ilyuk

The Lawrence A. Stessin Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Publication was established in the 1984-85 academic year to reward the scholarly efforts of junior faculty at Hofstra University. Its namesake, Dr. Stessin, joined the Hofstra faculty as a Professor of Management in 1958 and served continuously until his retirement in 1973. After graduation from the Columbia University School of Journalism, he worked at the New York Times and as a columnist and associate editor of Forbes Magazine. Dr. Stessin also published in a wide range of scholarly and academic media.

During his lifetime and as part of his will, Dr. Stessin made substantial contributions to Hofstra University. His contribution to the Endowment Fund, which led to the establishment of the Stessin Prize, came with the expressed wish that the earnings from that gift be used as an incentive and reward for junior faculty who publish the results of their scholarly work.

The Zarb School of Business is pleased to recognize Dr. Veronika Ilyuk, Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing and International Business, as a 2015-16 recipient of the Stessin Award for  “The Effects of Single-Serve Packaging on Consumption Closure and Judgments of Product Efficacy,” Journal of Consumer Research, Oxford University Press, Vol. 0, 1-21 (2015).

Click the image to see Professor Ilyuk’s biography.


Zarb’s 2015-16 Teacher of the Year: Janet Lenaghan

The annual Hofstra Teacher of the Year awards (by school) are an important recognition of excellence in teaching as determined by students:

“Each spring, members of Hofstra’s current academic graduating classes help select the faculty members from each school and college who will receive the annual Teacher of the Year awards. The faculty members selected receive an engraved plaque, recognition in the commencement program, and a monetary award.”

In March, graduating students are invited to vote online for the faculty they feel are most deserving of recognition as distinguished teachers. All faculty members who have taught a minimum of three (3) full years at Hofstra are eligible for the Teacher of the Year award. A faculty member who receives the award will be removed from the ballot for the following four (4) years (i.e., excluded for one four-year academic cycle). Once back on the ballot, the faculty member would be eligible for the Teacher of the Year Award after three (3) additional years. Following this procedure, both potential first time and past Teacher of the Year recipients are treated equally.”

Dr. Janet A. Lenaghan, an Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, was srecently elected as the 2015-16 Teacher of the Year for the Zarb School of Business.

Click the image to see the biography of Professor Lenaghan.



Zarb School Experts and Media Coverage

Under the auspices of University Relations, Hofstra has a number of experts who interact with the media on behalf of the University:

“The Hofstra University Press Room [(516) 463-6818] serves as a resource for the media to discover the many different areas of specialization of our diverse faculty. They are available for expert commentary on breaking news or feature stories on hundreds of topics.  This section was designed to help reporters reach Hofstra University experts easily. The site is a tool that will offer the most current information on some of our experts currently in the media. Here, many topics from many experts, are at your fingertips. Our goal for this section was to best serve the University by informing the public and the media of Hofstra’s distinguished faculty achievements, most current research and activities, as well as expanding the general visibility of the University.”

Here, shown alphabetically, are Zarb School faculty who participate in this initiative and are currently listed on the Hofstra experts’ Web page:


Bio of Zarb School Dean Berliner and His Concern for the LI Economy in 2016

Dr. Herman A Berliner, formerly Hofstra University ‘s Provost for 25 years, has been  serving as the Zarb School’s Dean for the past six months. He recently was interviewed for an article in Newsday about the Long Island labor market heading into 2016. Here are his observations:

Although the unemployment rate on Long Island is quite low: “You’re not ahead if you lose some highly paid jobs and you gain more jobs that are not well compensated,” said Herman Berliner, Dean and Distinguished Professor of Economics at Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business. “Your numbers in terms of unemployment would look impressive, but the reality is that the area is not better off.”

In fact, the three occupations projected by the state Labor Department to have the biggest percentage increases on Long Island between 2012 and 2022 are among the lowest paying. They are health-care support, personal care and service, and food preparation and serving-related employment. Finally, external blows like fallout from more terrorist attacks in the country could also increase economic wariness and hurt hiring, Berliner said. “I am worried about external shocks and what kind of impact that will have on the economy,” he said.

Take a look at Dean Berliner’s biography to see his impact on Hofstra and the Zarb school of Business.
Berliner Bio

Hofstra’s Center for Entrepreneurship Launched

Hofstra University has just launched a Center for Entrepreneurship to nurture and expand the region’s innovation economy. It is led by Mark Lesko, executive director of Accelerate Long Island, President Stuart Rabinowitz announced. Lesko, also a former federal prosecutor and Supervisor of the Town of Brookhaven, became Executive Dean of the new center on October 1.

Lesko will build on the work he has done with Accelerate Long Island, a collaboration among the area’s world-class research institutions, including Hofstra University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the North Shore-LIJ Feinstein Institute, and Stony Brook University, designed to commercialize research, fund high-tech startup companies, and build the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Mark Lesko, executive dean of the Center for EntrepreneurshipHofstra’s new Center for Entrepreneurship will focus on multi-disciplinary entrepreneurship support and education, leveraging the research and entrepreneurial activities at the University’s 10 schools, including the Maurice A. Deane School of Law, the Frank G. Zarb School of Business, the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The goals of the Center for Entrepreneurship are to expand the entrepreneurship curriculum, coordinate business plan competitions including the $100,000 Hofstra CPXi Venture Tech Challenge, launch student fellowships, work with the Hofstra Startups Club to coordinate entrepreneurial activities, create a multi-disciplinary law and business clinic, facilitate the creation of technology-based startup companies, create programs to assist startup companies, and establish a technology transfer function at the University.

“Hofstra University has tremendous entrepreneurial energy on campus already and as Executive Dean of the new Center for Entrepreneurship I look forward to leveraging Hofstra’s existing assets and working with its students and faculty to facilitate the creation of startups that will also contribute to Long Island’s innovation-based economy,” Lesko said.  “I thank President Rabinowitz and the administration at Hofstra for implementing their vision of a multi-disciplinary Center that will solidify Hofstra’s role as a national leader in university-based entrepreneurship.”

For a second year in a row, Hofstra University was named one of the top 50 most entrepreneurial research universities in the nation, according to Forbes magazine’s 2015 rankings.

Hofstra offers an entrepreneurship major and minor in the Zarb School of Business, and a concentration in Leadership and Innovation in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The University also runs the annual Hofstra CPXi Venture Tech Challenge, a competition in which students compete for $100,000 in seed money to take their innovative ideas to market. The competition is sponsored by CPXi Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman Mike Seiman, who is also a Hofstra alumnus and trustee. Seiman founded CPXi, a digital media company, while he was still a student at Hofstra.

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