Zarb’s 2015-16 Teacher of the Year: Janet Lenaghan

The annual Hofstra Teacher of the Year awards (by school) are an important recognition of excellence in teaching as determined by students:

“Each spring, members of Hofstra’s current academic graduating classes help select the faculty members from each school and college who will receive the annual Teacher of the Year awards. The faculty members selected receive an engraved plaque, recognition in the commencement program, and a monetary award.”

In March, graduating students are invited to vote online for the faculty they feel are most deserving of recognition as distinguished teachers. All faculty members who have taught a minimum of three (3) full years at Hofstra are eligible for the Teacher of the Year award. A faculty member who receives the award will be removed from the ballot for the following four (4) years (i.e., excluded for one four-year academic cycle). Once back on the ballot, the faculty member would be eligible for the Teacher of the Year Award after three (3) additional years. Following this procedure, both potential first time and past Teacher of the Year recipients are treated equally.”

Dr. Janet A. Lenaghan, an Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, was srecently elected as the 2015-16 Teacher of the Year for the Zarb School of Business.

Click the image to see the biography of Professor Lenaghan.



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