Updated! Hofstra Lion’s Den for Student Entrepreneurs

In addition to the Hofstra University/CPXi Venture Tech Challenge, there is a new entrepreneurial pitch contest sponsored by CPXi.

As reported by Hofstra’s Karla Schuster:

“Student entrepreneurs pitching ideas for a car carbon monoxide detector, a vibrating smoke detector, and an apparel company that donates some proceeds to protect endangered animals won seed money for their ventures in the first-ever Hofstra-CPXi Lion’s Den competition. The Shark Tank-style pitch contest, run under the auspices of Hofstra’s new Center for Entrepreneurship, gives students two minutes to make a business pitch to a panel of judges, who award a total of $1,000 in prizes for the best proposals.”

“’Tonight is the first step in our journey to build the Center for Entrepreneurship,’” Center Executive Director Mark Lesko said of the competition. Twelve students pitched ideas to an audience of more than 30 students and professional entrepreneurs. Hofstra alumnus and Board of Trustee member Mike Seiman, CEO and founder of CPXi, was one of the judges. Seiman, who founded CPXi when he was still a computer science student at Hofstra, told the students that successful entrepreneurs never stop pitching.”

First place winner Tamisha Lubin, a senior Management major, proposed a portable carbon monoxide detector for cars. ‘I didn’t have confidence before, but now that I pushed myself to get up and do this, I know I can do it again,’ she said. Lubin won $500.”

Take a look at the YouTube video.


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