Another Featured Standout Zarb Student

Bethany Dill was recently selected as a “Standout Student.”

Here’s what Cassidy Lang ’17 reported about Dill:

Native Long Islander Bethany Dill, a senior with a triple major in design, art history, and marketing, was able to fully utilize her inherent talent and what she’s learned in classroom at a prestigious internship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Dill was initially brought on by the museum as a visual merchandising intern, responsible for aiding in the design of store displays. While working on these displays, Dill’s skills and background in graphic design attracted the notice of her supervisors, and she proved herself worthy of assignments bigger than her original job description.

As the holiday season approached, Dill began working on many different projects, some of which required her to work closely with well-known designers. Her biggest project of the semester was an annual winter display for the holiday season. Dill was responsible for coming up with a snowflake layout that would leave visitors feeling like they were walking through a winter wonderland. After drafting and presenting her ideas to the design team, she got the okay to bring her designs to life. “I stayed late several nights and came in early to install my designs. It was amazing to see my designs slowly become a part of something bigger than myself,” Dill says of the experience.

Listen to Brittany in her own words.


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