Entrepreneurial Assistance Program (EAP)

Join the more than 1,200 entrepreneurs who have developed and grown businesses with the EAP since 1991. This is an intensive, dynamic 60-hour business plan development program jam packed with information and the latest techniques—all taught by experts in the advertising, marketing, finance, legal, tax, and insurance fields. The EAP will assist participants to develop a marketing plan, manage personnel & operations, establish a record keeping and financial system and complete a business plan. Participate in the Capital One Bank Business Plan Contest and win prizes up to $2,500. EAP workshops start October 5 and end December 9 on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. Program fee of $495 includes all materials and is payable in two installments.

To register for the program, e-mail Stacey Kerins (Stacey.Kerins@ hofstra.edu) or call x3-5850.

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