Welcome to the Zarb School’s Online Financial Database

Did you know that the Zarb School of Business has a very useful and easily accessible online financial database?

“The Center for International Financial Services and Markets at the Zarb School of Business of Hofstra University is pleased to announce the development and availability of a comprehensive research database on its Web site. The target audience for this unique database is students, faculty, and practitioners interested in the fields of financial services; financial markets and institutions; and international finance. The databases that are listed contain both specific (micro) and broad-based (macro) data.”

The database is organized both alphabetically as well as by categories. It is a user-friendly system that attempts to assist researchers in their search for useful financial databases. At present, there are 165 different sites listed. As time goes by, we expect to add to this list. For ease of retrieval, the database is organized under the following categories: Macro Economic Data; Financial Institutions Data; International Organizations Data; Securities Market Data, Financial and Economic Data; Country Specific Data; Financial News Data; Investor Services, Products and Marketing Data; Research Journal Links; and Industry News.”

Click the image to access the search function for the Zarb financial database.
Financial Database



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