Internship Opportunities and the Zarb School

To enhance the student experience, the Zarb School of Business actively strives to broaden their graduate and undergraduate education with the real world perspective. Therefore, the Zarb School strongly supports executive speaker series, corporate visits, professional organization memberships and, especially, internships. Internships significantly augment coursework, allowing students to explore different career options; test their functional knowledge and business acumen; access varying corporate cultures; and hone their communication skills. Internships also allow students to begin that crucial networking process and often interns are offered full-time employment by sponsoring companies.

Internships are strongly supported and encouraged by all departments within the Zarb School. Whatever your major area of concentration, there is an internship coordinator in each department ready to assist in internship planning. Internships can be taken on a credit or non-credit basis during the fall, spring, and summer. The Hofstra Career Center and Graduate Business Career Services are also important resources, with an extensive database of internship listings and professionals to help with all aspects of the internship process. On the graduate level, a three-part internship search workshop is available, offering students internship resources, individualized action plans and practical training. We urge you to consider an internship early in your studies at the Zarb School.
Below are short video clips of SEVEN of the Zarb School’s recent interns. 


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