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2015 Most Desired Employers by U.S. Business Students

Universum is the global leader in employer branding. Annually, it conducts student surveys to determine their ideal employers. In Part 1 of our two posts on these surveys, U.S. undergraduate and MBA business student surveys are highlighted. In Part 2, global/foreign students will be highlighted.

The 2015 Universum U.S. Undergraduate Student Survey results are based on the responses of  thousands of undergraduate students: “This list represents this year’s Ideal Employers for U.S. business students. Students choose an unlimited number of employers they would consider working for from a list of 230. From their ‘considered’ employers they choose their top five ‘Ideal’ employers. The Ideal Employer Rankings represent the companies with the most ‘Ideal’ votes.”

Click the image to access the listing of the 100 most ideal employers according to U.S. undergraduate business students.

Universum 2015 -1

The 2015 Universum U.S. MBA Student Survey results “are based on the responses of more than 1,300 MBA candidates. The rankings represent the employers most selected as Ideal by student respondents.”
Here are the top ten desired employers by U.S. MBA students.


Facebook Cracking Down on Third-Party Access to Data

There have been a lot of calls by government agencies, consumer groups, and individual users for Facebook to better control the information it provides to third parties. Now, it is taking another step.

As reported by  Deepa Seetharaman and Elizabeth Dwoskin for the  Wall Street Journal:

“Facebook’s restrictions on its user data, which were announced last year and put into effect in May, are rippling through academia, business, and presidential politics. Dozens of startups that had been using Facebook data have shut down, been acquired, or overhauled their businesses. Political consultants are racing to find new ways to tap voters’ social connections ahead of the 2016 presidential election.”

“’Facebook giveth and Facebook taketh away,’ said Nick Soman, who collected the locations of Facebook users’ friends to enhance his anonymous-chat app, Reveal. He later sold the app to music service Rhapsody International Inc. Mr. Soman said he admires Facebook, but learned a lesson about relying on third parties for a key component of his app.”

Click the chart to read more.

Are You Managing Your Passwords Well?

Everyday, millions of Internet accounts around the world are hacked into. Are YOU doing enough to protect yourself? Take a look at this past post we’ve made.

Then, check out these password manager tools recommended by TechRepublic and visit this site to see a video about these tools:

  1. Windows Password Key Standard
  2. Kruptos 2 Professional
  3. 2 Password
  4. Quicky Password Generator
  5. LastPass Password Manager



Full-Time Job Openings for Mandarin Speakers with Bristol-Myers Squibb

Are you interested in a full-time job opportunity with Bristol-Myers Squibb? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! You are invited to a Mandarin Leadership Development Program (MLDP) Online Career Event on October 13th.

Register Now at


Bristol-Myers Squibb MBA-Exchange

Undergraduate Career Center Events

There are three major events in the Zarb Career Series for undergraduates that are described in the flyer below.
Zarb Career Series - 2015 Final Flyer

Welcome to the Zarb School’s Online Financial Database

Did you know that the Zarb School of Business has a very useful and easily accessible online financial database?

“The Center for International Financial Services and Markets at the Zarb School of Business of Hofstra University is pleased to announce the development and availability of a comprehensive research database on its Web site. The target audience for this unique database is students, faculty, and practitioners interested in the fields of financial services; financial markets and institutions; and international finance. The databases that are listed contain both specific (micro) and broad-based (macro) data.”

The database is organized both alphabetically as well as by categories. It is a user-friendly system that attempts to assist researchers in their search for useful financial databases. At present, there are 165 different sites listed. As time goes by, we expect to add to this list. For ease of retrieval, the database is organized under the following categories: Macro Economic Data; Financial Institutions Data; International Organizations Data; Securities Market Data, Financial and Economic Data; Country Specific Data; Financial News Data; Investor Services, Products and Marketing Data; Research Journal Links; and Industry News.”

Click the image to access the search function for the Zarb financial database.
Financial Database



Internship Opportunities and the Zarb School

To enhance the student experience, the Zarb School of Business actively strives to broaden their graduate and undergraduate education with the real world perspective. Therefore, the Zarb School strongly supports executive speaker series, corporate visits, professional organization memberships and, especially, internships. Internships significantly augment coursework, allowing students to explore different career options; test their functional knowledge and business acumen; access varying corporate cultures; and hone their communication skills. Internships also allow students to begin that crucial networking process and often interns are offered full-time employment by sponsoring companies.

Internships are strongly supported and encouraged by all departments within the Zarb School. Whatever your major area of concentration, there is an internship coordinator in each department ready to assist in internship planning. Internships can be taken on a credit or non-credit basis during the fall, spring, and summer. The Hofstra Career Center and Graduate Business Career Services are also important resources, with an extensive database of internship listings and professionals to help with all aspects of the internship process. On the graduate level, a three-part internship search workshop is available, offering students internship resources, individualized action plans and practical training. We urge you to consider an internship early in your studies at the Zarb School.
Below are short video clips of SEVEN of the Zarb School’s recent interns.