Better Interfaces Needed Between IT and Other Departments

With the advent of advanced data analytics, and the growing reliance on big data, it is imperative that all of the departments within an organization cooperate (interface properly) with IT. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all of the departments in many organizations.

According to one in-depth recent analysis, a “not strong” relationship with IT existed 27% of the time for marketing, 24% of the time for HR, 20% of the time for legal/compliance, and 20% of the time for sales. 

As reported by eMarketer:

“With technology now an integral part of marketing, it’s critical for marketing and IT teams to be on the same page. However, April 2015 research by Harvey Nash in association with KPMG found that IT’s relationship with marketing was the weakest among departments.” “Marketing and IT departments will need to turn around their poor relationships, as further results highlighted an increase in collaboration. When asked which department owned the digital or E-commerce strategy at their company, nearly half of tech execs said it was shared by IT and marketing — the No. 1 response and up from 40% last year, when the percentage saying this had actually fallen. Among those who weren’t sharing the responsibility, marketers had lost a great share to IT and ‘other’ departments.”

Click the chart to read more from eMarketer.


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