Zarb Professors: Popular Interview Subjects with the Media

For decades, Zarb School professors have been popular interview subjects across all forms of media, including the newer digital media. Here are two recent examples.

The Marketing and International Business Department’s Dr. Veronika Ilyuk was interviewed by Newsday for “Gourmet Burger Joints Are Sizzling on Long Island:”

“Upscale burgers cater to consumers’ growing focus on food sourcing and ingredients. ‘Gourmet burger joints have been able to sweep in and fill a void in the marketplace because they allow us to indulge in the things we love but at the time to feel as if we are not violating our health goals,’ said Veronika Ilyuk, a Hofstra University Assistant Professor of Marketing and International Business.”

“Because the fast-casual burger restaurants are perceived as healthier eating places, Ilyuk said consumers could underestimate their calorie intake from the loaded burgers and side dishes. ‘”I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if people are consuming more calories than they would otherwise but, ironically, feeling better about their caloric intake,’ she said.”

Management and Entrepreneurship’s Dr. Richard Hayes was interviewed by for “Sharing Economy Trying to Be Easier on Environment:

“Whether the environmental benefits were intended or not remains a question to some experts. ‘Zipcar is actually focused mostly on convenience and accessibility, but then the environmental piece became a piece that they recognized was going to be a nice marketing push as well,’ says Richard Hayes, PhD, an Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Hofstra University. ‘If you look at even the initial logo, they put the ‘Z’ in a green field because they recognized that there was going to be a very captive green audience.'”

“In other words, environmental sustainability might just be a happy side effect of the sharing model. And with the increased interest in conscious capitalism and other do-good, eco-friendly business practices, it’s no wonder the sharing economy is being embraced with such open arms.”


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