First Meeting of the New Department of Finance Advisory Board

Remarks by Professor Ehsan Nikbakht, Faculty Liaison of Finance Department Advisory Board, at the inaugural reception on Wednesday Feb. 18, 2015:

“Initiated and encouraged by Chairperson Professor Viswanathan, we now have a wonderful group of Finance Department Advisory Board Members. Thank you for having accepted our nomination. The nominating committee consists of Professors Ahmet Karagozoglu, Anoop Rai, Nancy White, Ed Zychowicz, and myself. We worked together closely and I will serve as your faculty liaison.”

“To give you a general idea about the Department, we have 95 students for Master of Science in Finance and Master of Science in Quantitative Finance, 175 MBA Students, 240 BBA Students, and about 30 students with a minor in Finance. The focus of our Department is teaching excellence combined with sustained scholarly work. Officially, the mission of our department reads, “Dedicated to the transmission and advancement of knowledge through the pursuit of teaching excellence and professionally respected scholarship”. This philosophy has recently led to more scholarly and professional activities. In teaching, as an example, our Martin Greenberg Trading Room with 34 Bloomberg terminals, under the directorship of Professor Karagozoglu, is extensively used by faculty in our classes towards experiential learning and reducing the gap between theory and practice.”

“Now, what do faculty and students expect from our highly regarded and carefully selected members of the Advisory Board? Simply, we suggest that you help us in the three areas as listed in the mission of the Advisory Board:

  1. Curriculum Content and Development: The Advisory Board will periodically review the curriculum in the various programs and courses offered by the Finance Department, and recommend modifications for consideration by the department.
  2. Student Development: The Advisory Board will facilitate student development activities through occasional mentoring students, identifying guest speakers for events, facilitating internship and placement opportunities, and facilitating networking opportunities for students and student groups.
  3. Visibility of the Finance Department: The Advisory Board will provide input into policy and programming that will showcase the faculty, students, department activities and department initiatives that will enhance the profile and visibility of the Finance Department.”

 Finance Department Advisory Board Members

• Reginald Andre, Goldman Sachs and Co.
• Maya Benson, New York Life and NYLIFE Securities
• John Bisack, Performance Improvements Partners
• David Blitzer, S&P, Index Committee
• Timothy A. Braun, AXIS Financial Institution
• Diane Garnick, Clear Alternatives LLC
• Howard Gerringer J.P. Morgan Chase
• Martin Greenberg, Sterling Commodities
• Jodie Gunzberg , S&P Dow Jones Indices
• Alvin Kressler, Brinson Patrick
• Ram Meenakshisundaram, OpenLink Financial
• Frank A. Melaccio, Emblem Health
• Robert L. Meschi, Intertrust (Walkers Management Services)
• Matthew Moran, Chicago Board of Options Exchange
• Esmeralda O. Lyn Worldwide Capital Advisory Partners, LLC
• Greg A. Roeder, Adirondack Funds
• Joel Simkins, Credit Suisse Securities
• Salvatore F. Sodano, Worldwide Capital Advisory Partners, LLC
• Frank G. Zarb, Promontory Financial Group, LLC
• Stewart Zimmerman, MFA Mortgage Investments

Here is a photo montage.

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