Kunal Swani: A Zarb Success Story

Kunal Swani, who recently earned his Ph.D. from the University of Massachussetts, is one of our many Zarb Success stories.

Here’s what Dr. Swani has to say about his time at Zarb:

“My MBA from Hofstra University was a foundational stone to my successful career path. I am an assistant professor of marketing at Wright State University and I owe this career success to the marketing faculty at Hofstra for their help, support and guidance.”

“At Hofstra, I had an opportunity to work with Dr. Barry Berman who elevated my interest in research and teaching. He even co-authored a paper with me which was published in one of the renowned marketing journals. His guidance and support made me realize my interest in academia and initiated my zeal to pursue a Ph.D. in Marketing. I enjoyed similar support and guidance from other marketing faculty. For instance, I also was privileged to work with Dr. Boonghee Yoo and published an article with him of equal caliber. I was grateful to the all the marketing faculty for their guidance, wisdom, and assistance as I was initiating my intellectual journey to pursue my career goals.”

“My MBA, along with research publications and various other skills that I learned and honed at Hofstra, was a great stepping stone to start my career in academia. The faculty have a vested interest to ensure that students succeed in their career goals. Even today, I rely on the faculty time-to-time on academic and career advice. Over the years I have developed a close relationship with the faculty and I consider them as my new extended family!”

Here is Dr. Swani in his doctoral cap and gown at his commencement.


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