We’re Looking for Good Zarb School Success Stories

Are YOU a Zarb success? Then, PLEASE submit for profile so that we may publicize the Zarb School. Thanks.

Zarb Means Business

The Zarb School has added a new section to its Web site called“Zarb Success Stories.”These are brief highlights of Zarb present and past students.

We invite YOU to submit your own “Success Story.” [Please Note: Due to space limitations, not every submission can be posted.]

We would like to have a diversity of majors featured — including both undergraduate and graduate students majoring at the Zarb School. To be eligible, you can be a current student or an alum of the Zarb School.

If you are interested, please follow the guidelines below:

Guidelines to be Considered for Posting Your “Success” at the Zarb School Site

1. Send all materials to Ms. Patricia Salama, Director of Outreach for the Zarb School —Patricia.Salama@hofstra.edu.

2. Complete and return the Success Story Submission Form.

3. Sign the Publicity Agreement Form.

4. Send a suitable photo.

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