Zarb Global Exchange Programs for Undergraduate Students

As business becomes increasingly more global, an international experience can be an essential component of undergraduate business education. Studying abroad – for either a summer or semester – enables Zarb students to:

  • Experience a new culture
  • Challenge themselves in a new environment
  • Establish a global network of friends and associates
  • Develop a perspective on business practices in other countries
  • Enhance their backgrounds to employers

Our handbook (click below) outlines the international experiences currently available for undergraduate students in the Frank G. Zarb School of Business. It contains valuable, practical information on planning your study abroad, from choosing a program to selection of courses and living accommodations.

Interested students are required to complete the Zarb Study Abroad Application available at The list of courses taught in English at each university and their Hofstra equivalents will be available soon on the Zarb Web site.

All questions regarding these programs should be directed to: Associate Dean Gioia P. Bales, 305 Weller Hall; 516-463-5703;

Click the image to access all program information.
Zarb School Exchange Program

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