A Conversation with Distinguished Professor Mathur

Meet the People of Zarb: Brodlieb Distinguished Professor Anil Mathur

[Note: This is one in a series of posts to highlight the people who contribute to making the Zarb School of Business a special place.]

Here is our Q&A with Dr. Mathur, one of the Zarb School’s distinguished professors.

  • Could you describe your educational, academic, and professional background.

I was born in India and had my early education there (Masters in Science – Zoology and Masters in Business – Marketing). After completing this education, I spent almost ten years working for a large manufacturer of electrical equipment in India. During this time, I had an opportunity to work in various Marketing areas, including Advertising, Marketing Research, and Public Relations.

After that, I decided to move to the United States and enrolled in the Doctoral Program at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

I then joined the Zarb School of Business, Hofstra University. At Hofstra, I had the privilege of serving in the Dean’s Office for twelve years, first as Associate Dean and later as Vice Dean. For the past two years, I have been privileged to serve as the Chair Department of Marketing and International Business.

  •  What are your major areas of teaching and research interest?

Although I have taught a number of courses, in the recent past, I have been teaching Marketing Management (to MBA, online MBA, and EMBA students) and Marketing of Services. I also like teaching Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Marketing Strategy.

In terms of research, my main focus has been studying consumer behavior, particularly that of older consumers. I have also been studying cross-cultural influences on consumer behavior and managerial practices. My articles have appeared in a number of top-tier journals, including Psychology & Marketing, Journal of International Business Studies, and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

  • What is your philosophy with regard to the three major goals for ZSOB faculty: teaching, research, and service?

The three goals for Zarb faculty are tied in with our mission of “Educating for Personal and Professional Achievement.” Teaching is our top priority. In the classroom, we teach students a variety of subjects. I think the objective of that teaching is more than just passing on information about specific topics to students. When I am in class with students, I help them to relate the material to their life and to the real world. I believe when students are able to relate the material to their lives and to the real world they are in a better position to benefit from that knowledge and apply it to their situation now and in the future. I believe learning is not limited to the classroom. My attempt in the classroom is to help students gain skills that will enable them to learn on an ongoing basis and achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

My research represents my own learning on an ongoing basis. We live in a very complex world that is constantly changing. There are always opportunities to learn about different aspects of the world. I find research to be an enjoyable and enlightening activity. Moreover, I like to share my research with students so that they also get an opportunity to learn what the current state of knowledge in Marketing is.

I have been privileged to have served in various administrative capacities. I serve because I think the Zarb School at Hofstra University is my institution, and my service can make it a better institution that is good for all of us — students, faculty, and staff.

  • Please describe some of your accomplishments while at the Zarb School.

I think that the opportunity I got to work on various projects and their success was an accomplishment in itself. While in the Dean’s office, I had an opportunity to work to enhance the image of the Zarb School, to participate in the launch of various new programs (EMBA, FT Day MBA, various MS programs), and to help achieve reaccreditation by AAACSB.

I have been fortunate to have worked on a large number of research projects and see them published. I consider that to be an accomplishment.

  •  How have you seen the Zarb School change over the years?

Over the years, I have seen the Zarb School evolve and change in many ways. Teaching has always been the main focus of the school, and it continues to be the prime focus. But what we teach and how we teach have changed. We have many new programs and have adopted new content and methods of teaching. One significant change is the use of technology in the classroom and in all aspects of instruction.

We have seen a significant increase in the resources available to students and faculty. Students have greater resources to learn, and have greater administrative support and other services to achieve personal growth in multiple ways.

Faculty members have access to significantly enhanced resources for their teaching, research, and other professional activities. When I first started at Hofstra many years ago, students and faculty had only one way of getting access to research journals – by going to the library. That restricted how we did research and how productive we could be. Today, faculty and students have access to research databases from their homes or other locations. That means time and place do not present any barriers that could slow down their learning or research.

  •  What is something most people don’t know about you?

I enjoy traveling, taking pictures and music..

  •  Any final thoughts?

We live in exciting times. There are many opportunities to learn and grow. I am happy that as an educator at the Zarb School I am getting an opportunity to help build our future by educating leaders of tomorrow.


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