The Hofstra Veterans Alumni Association

The Zarb School of Business is proud to support our veterans through the Yellow Ribbon Program.

We also thank the Hofstra Veterans Alumni Association for its efforts:

“The HVAA was established by Hofstra Veteran Alumni to honor Hofstra Alumni who served in the Armed Forces; to encourage and enjoy social and fund raising events to provide scholarship monies to Veterans’ children, grandchildren, etc., attending Hofstra; to support the educational aspects and underlying principles of the ROTC program and Corp of Cadets at Hofstra. HVAA is an active member of the Hofstra Alumni Association and participates in many University functions.”

“Over the past years, HVAA has held many successful events, primarily in the New York metropolitan area, providing opportunities for veterans to come together in a social setting and raising enough funds to support endowed scholarships.  Currently, there are four Hofstra students continuing to receive money from the scholarship funds.”

“We recently added, as part of our mission statement, the following objective, ‘to provide assistance and guidance to Hofstra student veterans making the transition from military to academic life.’ At the moment, there are approximately 75 such students attending Hofstra. We have held a ‘meet and greet’ session, and two educational sessions for these veterans covering several topics of importance to today’s veterans.”

“As the HVAA is a growing organization with members all across the USA, we are beginning to establish chapters in various parts of the country. These chapters will allow our members to come together in their local areas to foster our mission. To date, members in Ohio, Florida, and California have agreed to serve in a leadership position for these chapters. Please watch for information regarding chapters or events in your area. Please visit us at: charter_ vet.html

If you would like more information or would like to join the Association, please contact Gwendolyn Wade, Libby and Joseph Shapiro Alumni House, Attn: Veterans Alumni, 150 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549. Telephone: 516-463-6636.


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