A Conversation with Distinguished Professor Berman

Meet the People of Zarb: Walter H. “Bud” Miller Distinguished Professor Barry Berman

[Note: This is one in a series of posts to highlight the people who contribute to making the Zarb School of Business a special place.]

Here is our Q&A with Dr. Berman, one of the Zarb School’s distinguished professors.

  • Could you describe your educational, academic, and professional background.

I have a Ph.D. in Business from the City University of New York with concentrations in Marketing Management and Behavioral Sciences and Business. I have taught at Hofstra for over 45 years.

I have held a number of positions at the Zarb School, including Director of the EMBA Program (current), Associate Dean, and Co-Director of the Business Research Institute and the Retail Management Institute.

  •  What are your major areas of teaching and research interest?

I regularly teach the Principles of Marketing course, Marketing Management (at the MBA and EMBA levels), and Distribution Management (MBA level). I also teach the EMBA orientation class.

I have co-authored major Retailing and Introduction to Marketing texts with Joel R. Evans. In addition, I am author of Competing in Tough Times: Lessons from L.L. Bean, Trader Joe’s, Costco and Other World-Class Retailers (NY: Financial Times Press), 2011.

During the past ten years, I written about a dozen articles that have been published in California Management Review, Business Horizons, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, and other journals. Among the topics covered are low-cost competition, service guarantee programs, 3-D printing, product proliferation, product safety, counterfeiting, and customer loyalty programs.

  • What is your philosophy with regard to the three major goals for ZSOB faculty: teaching, research, and service?

I sincerely believe that a good faculty member needs to contribute in all three of the areas. As such, I devote a lot of my time to preparing my lectures to make them timely and interesting, to writing, and to service at the department, school, university, and professional association level. I am actively engaged in writing. I also have been on a number of department, school, and university committees.

  •  Please describe some of your accomplishments while at the Zarb School.

Here are some selected accomplishments: I have held the Walter H. ‘Bud’ Miller Distinguished Professor of Business since March 1989. I am currently President of the American Collegiate Retailing Association (a global professional association of faculty who teach and conduct research in retailing and related areas). I was recently inducted into that association’s “Hall of Fame.” Only 9 members have received this honor in the over 65-year history of this organization. I was a co-founder (with Joel R. Evans) of the Retail Management Special Group of the American Marketing Association. I received a Ph.D. Alumni Association of CUNY, Alumni Achievement Award. I am listed in Who’s Who in the World.

  •  How have you seen the Zarb School change over the years?

In my time at the Zarb School, I have seen a number of changes. While the School has always been concerned with excellence of teaching and school service, research has taken on added importance. The School is also much more strategic-planning driven.

  •  What is something most people don’t know about you?

I love New York City with all that it has to offer — especially Broadway shows, museums, and dining.

  •  Any final thoughts?

I have enjoyed my experience with my students, colleagues, chairpersons, and deans.


One thought on “A Conversation with Distinguished Professor Berman

  1. Neil Frank

    I am an alumni of the Business School from 1972. Professor Berman was my Marketing Professor. I still remember him telling us of a new innovation in the Banking world, the introduction of the ATM card ! His knowledge and expertise was a great asset to my education at Hofstra.


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