The Zarb Beijing and Shanghai Program

Here is another example of how active the Zarb School is in global activities. Besides a summer trip to South Africa, the Zarb School sponsored a trip to China under the direction of Dr. Yong Zhang.

During Summer Session I, participants of the Hofstra in Beijing and Shanghai Program traveled to China for two weeks as part of the requirements for MKT 220 and IB 207.

They visited several companies, such as DePuy-Synthes, a Johnson & Johnson company; Beijing Hyundai Motor Corporation; and China Construction Corporation. They traveled by bullet trains to cities, such as Suzhou, Beijing, and Tianjin, where they visited numerous cultural and business venues. Students attended presentations by CEOs and managers, visited automobile production lines and construction sites, and climbed the Great Wall!

“It was a life-changing and fascinating experience,” said one student.

The Zarb School study abroad activities have greatly enhanced their academic study at Hofstra and broadened their perspectives about global business and cultural differences.

Here is a photo slideshow.

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