Zarb Welcomes YOU to 2014-2015!

In the academic world, “Happy New Year” means the start of the fall semester at Hofstra and the Zarb School.

PLEASE welcome our returning students and our new ones by offering a brief comment for this post. In that way, we can show the vibrancy of the Hofstra and Zarb communities. PLEASE.

Also, if you have not yet done so, please sign up and follow the Zarb School on social media:

Have a great year ahead!

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5 thoughts on “Zarb Welcomes YOU to 2014-2015!

  1. David Scrodanus

    Have a great year business students. Do what you feel passionate about and get involved with a company you admire early with an internship, even if they do not pay to get yourself in the door. Keep that GPA up high and never stop putting notches on your belt to be better than your competition. Take it from a Zarb grad who bartended after graduating in 2008 to becoming one of the top sales reps in telecom in his field.


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