A Conversation with Marketing and IB Chair Mathur

Meet the People of Zarb: Chairperson Anil Mathur, Department of Marketing and International Business

[Note: This is one in a series of posts to highlight the people who contribute to making the Zarb School of Business a special place.]

Here is our Q&A with Dr. Mathur.

    • Could you describe the Department of Marketing and International Business in terms of the undergraduate and graduate programs offered?

 Our department offers several undergraduate and graduate programs.

At the undergraduate level, we offer BBA majors in Marketing and International Business. Students majoring in other disciplines can also select from several options to minor in the department. Options offered are minors in: Marketing, Promotion, International Marketing, International Business, and Multi-Channel marketing.

At the graduate level we offer MBA majors in marketing and international business. In addition to these we offer MS programs in marketing and marketing research.

Individuals who have completed their bachelor’s degree in another field and can take a Certificate Program in Marketing Management, Marketing Media, or International Business. Those who have a graduate degree can earn Advanced Certificate in Business in Marketing or International Business.

  • Tell us a little bit about the Marketing and International Business faculty and yourself.

All full-time faculty members in our department have doctoral degrees. A major strength of our faculty is their scholarship and research. They are widely published and active professionally. Many of them have been recognized and have received awards for their research, professional accomplishments, and scholarship. Besides their scholarship, faculty members of our department are very student-focused and go out of their way to facilitate student learning. Many department faculty members have been honored with various teaching awards on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. All full-time faculty members are highly qualified in their fields and have terminal degrees.

Some of our classes are also taught by a strong core of professors with extensive professional experience who serve as adjunct faculty. They have varying backgrounds and are excellent teachers. They bring a real-world perspective to the classroom. And they participate actively in student activities, including the advisement of student clubs.

I started my career in India and worked for a large company in the marketing department. During my tenure of almost ten years, I got an opportunity to work in advertising, marketing research, new product launch, and public relations. After that, I completed the Ph. D. program at Georgia State University.  At Hofstra, I had an opportunity to serve in the Dean’s office for twelve years, as Associate Dean and later as the Vice Dean of the Zarb School. Although I have taught several different courses, lately, I have been teaching Marketing Management, Marketing of Services, and Consumer Behavior. My recent research focus has been on consumer behavior of older consumers and cross-cultural consumer behavior.

  • What are some of the recent achievements by the Department of Marketing and International Business?

We are proud of our students. The Hofstra American Marketing Association (HAMA) has been very active and the chapter was recently (2014) recognized by the American Marketing Association as one of the top twenty-five collegiate chapters in the country out of several hundred. Our student teams have also competed in case completions organized by the AMA and American Advertising Federation and have won awards and recognition.

  •  What kinds of jobs do students get after graduation?

 A degree in Marketing or International Business prepares students for a variety of rewarding careers – among them: Advertising, Electronic Marketing, Promotion, Public Relations, Product Management, Marketing Research, Sales, and Retailing. Among the department’s 2011-12 graduates who responded to a survey, 96 percent reported being employed or pursuing graduate studies.

Many of our graduates pursue graduate studies, or plan to within five years, at institutions including New York University, Hofstra University, Columbia University and the University of Amsterdam.

Some examples of where our recent graduates are working include: Account Manager, Coca-Cola; Operations analyst, Goldman Sachs; Executive Sales Manager, New York Islanders; Media Relations Analyst, AIG; Marketing Coordinator, Coty, Inc.; and Media Buyer, Zenith Media.

  • What do you see ahead for the Department of Marketing and International Business?

Both Marketing and International Business are very dynamic fields and are impacted by developments in the global arena. One of the key priorities for us is to keep up with these events and provide our students with insights into how those events would impact the practice of Marketing and International Business in the global arena. Our faculty members regularly bring their research into their classrooms and enable our students to learn from the latest in their respective areas.

  • What is something that most people do not know about the Department of Marketing and International Business?

Although marketing and international business are two interrelated disciplines, our department offers distinct programs in Marketing and International Business. Specialization in these two areas prepares our students for career opportunities in two distinct areas of business.

  • Any final thoughts?

With rapid globalization and other changes in the marketplace, this is an exciting time for Marketers and for those engaged in International Business. There is something new to learn every day for all of us. I am happy and excited to be learning in this environment and helping our students prepare for challenging careers in the future.


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