Zarb Professors KNOW Business: One of Them Is E-Commerce Guru Lee Bogner

One of the popular misconceptions about professors is that they are in the “ivory tower” and not in the “real world.” Well, this misconception is certainly incorrect about Zarb School professors.

Zarb School professors are involved in a lot of “real world” activities. They have experience in industry — both in jobs and in consulting. They belong to the leading professional associations, are regular speakers at business-related events, and are frequently interviewed in the media.  They help students to network and keep in contact with alumni.

Lee Bogner, an adjunct professor at the Zarb School, is a great example of someone with a “real world” perspective. Professor Bogner is an E-commerce and information systems professional, and educator with over 20 years leadership, strategy, and operations management experience — having held several senior level positions with a variety of global enterprise, and entrepreneurial, E-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and technology companies including: [a division of Bed Bath & Beyond], Real Savvy Media [part of], IBM Corporation, CA [Computer Associates] and The Research Board [CIO global think-tank].

Currently, Professor Bogner is the consulting E-commerce Solutions Architect at Johnson and Johnson Consumer Products, where he is technology lead on the Global Digital Product Catalog for Internet and Omni-channel Retailers – which include Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target, CVS, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger.

Here is one of Professor Bogner’s presentations for Hofstra.


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