The Zarb School Takes Communications and Career Skills Seriously

At the Zarb School, we know how important communications skills are for organizations that hire our graduates.

At the BBA level, students are required to take both oral communications and written communications courses to enhance their abilities to communicate well.

To strengthen the abilities of Zarb graduate students, we now require a special workshop for all MBA candidates.

        • This workshop is hands on and interactive. It focuses on effective individual and group presentation techniques, as well as the facilitation skills required for leading a discussion.
      • Topics covered include:  practical tips on controlling nerves, understanding the required physical skills, and the importance of time management.
      • Students have the opportunity to practice the skills during videotaped presentations and are given immediate feedback from their colleagues and the instructor.
      • After the workshop, each student reviews his/her video during a one-on-one coaching session.

The graduate workshop is taught by Marc Kopman, who has over 30 years of experience in the field of corporate training and development.  Formerly, he was Vice-President of Learning and Development for Time Warner Cable of New York City.  He has designed and facilitated numerous workshops on communication skills, management, and leadership development.

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