Accomplishments by the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics

We are pleased to recognize two recent accomplishments of the Zarb School’s IS/BA Department.

Drs. John Affisco, Javad Paknejad, and Farrokh Nasri, won the Best Paper Award for Contribution to Theory at the 2014 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Meeting held in Philadelphia in March. The title of the paper is “Analysis of Vendor Environmental Costs in the JELS Model with Sustainability.”

This paper presents the development and evaluation of two models of environmental cost reduction in the joint economic lot size model including sustainability (JELSE). The first model considers the option of reducing vendor fixed environmental cost in JELSE and the second involves vendor variable environmental cost reduction in the JELSE. Numerical results for both models  are given. Performance of these two models is compared and some specific conclusions are drawn.

Mr. Vishnoo Charan, a Zarb School graduate student, won the Master’s Student Best Paper Award at the 2014 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Meeting. The title of the paper is “Healthcare Information Technology Workforce Changes and Its Larger Implications.” Vishnoo completed this work under the supervision of Prof. Alex Pelaez of the IT/QM Department.

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act), enacted under Title XIII of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, has been considered a bane or a boon depending on a person’s perspective. One of the provisions in the law calls for implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems to reach meaningful use leading to the “silicon rush” of 2009. In this report, we analyze data from the Dorenfest Institute for H.I.T. Research and Education (HIMSS Foundation) on how the staffing requirements have changed since the law was passed and if the educational programs addressed the specific staffing requirements. We analyze which sector of Information Technology (IT) staffing has increased, as in what are IT positions hospitals have been filling, as we progress to reach meaningful use. We notice that the majority of the hospitals have been mainly hiring IT project managers, management staff and EMR support staff.


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