Want to Study Abroad? Think Zarb!

Have you ever thought about studying abroad? Did you know that the Zarb School offers a variety of study abroad opportunities?

  • Zarb School in China (Beijing): The Zarb School’s program in China offers Hofstra business students the opportunity to integrate their knowledge about international business/marketing gained in classrooms by exposing them to the real-life business environment in China, the fastest-growing economy in the world. 
  • Hofstra University Exchange Program with the University of Amsterdam: Hofstra University and  the Zarb School offer students the opportunity to travel to The Netherlands to take classes either on a full-time basis during a regular semester or on a part-time basis during the summer at the University of Amsterdam.  Students from the University of Amsterdam also benefit from this exchange program and may take courses at Hofstra.
  • Hofstra’s Exchange Program with Erasmus University: The Zarb School, in cooperation with Erasmus University, offers an exchange program for graduate students majoring in finance.  Under advisement, Zarb School students may register for courses offered as part of the Master in Financial Management program at Erasmus University, and Erasmus students may register for courses in the Master of Science in Quantitative Finance program and other graduate finance courses at Hofstra.
  • The TransAtlantic Business School Alliance (TABSA): This alliance unites four European and four U.S. universities that are working to share cultural and educational experiences with students across geographic boundaries. The alliance’s purpose is to offer students who wish to become international business leaders of the 21st century a truly international education. Students have the opportunity to study during the summer, fall or spring semester or for a full year. Dual degree options are also available where students receive degrees from Hofstra and the European University.

To learn more, click the image below.


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