Hats Off to HAMA

Each year, the American Marketing Association (AMA) holds a collegiate conference in New Orleans for several hundred student chapters. This year, HAMA (Hofstra’s student AMA chapter) did extremely well at the conference.

According to faculty advisor, Dr. Rick Wilson: “I’m pleased to announce that at this weekend’s American Marketing Association’s 36th Annual International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, HAMA was awarded a spot in the coveted ‘Top 25’ list of best performing AMA chapters in North America. There are a total of 351 chapters.”

“In all, the chapter took home the following awards:

      1. Top 25 Chapter status
      2. Outstanding Professional Development
      3. Outstanding Chapter Planning
      4. Outstanding Chapter Communications
      5. Honorable Mention for Marketing Week activities
      6. Honorable Mention for the Case Competition”

Here’s a photo of our winning team. Congratulations.


HAMA in New Orleans

4 thoughts on “Hats Off to HAMA

  1. James P. Nelankavil

    Congratulations to our students and faculty Adviser Dr. Rick Wilson. A tremendous accomplishment as well as good publicity for the Zarb School of Business

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