Zarb Has Excellent Students: Here’s One

The Zarb School of Business has a number of standout students — who then go on to become outstanding alumni. 🙂

One such current Zarb student is Andrew Marks: He “is a finance major and member of Honors College.  He is the president of the Association of Professionals in Finance and Accounting, an organization on campus that helps business students with networking, internship opportunities, and improving job-hunting skills. He credits Hofstra alumni with helping him land interviews for internships with prestigious companies such as Goldman-Sachs.  Since his freshman year, Andrew has been an outfielder with Hofstra’s club baseball team, which won the 2012 Division II National Championship.  He hopes to work for a top finance company and eventually start his own hedge fund. “

In this YouTube video, Andrew talks about his experiences at Hofstra and his goals for the future.”


2 thoughts on “Zarb Has Excellent Students: Here’s One

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